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Dental Implant Solutions for Tooth Loss

Keeping your teeth is best. However if you’ve lost a tooth or are about to lose a tooth, we have the expertise to replace them.

We have been placing and restoring dental implants since 1991. Dental implants are now the leading choice for teeth replacement, providing an esthetic solution to missing teeth, for one tooth or an entire mouth.

Leaders in St. Louis

Our attention to detail during case planning and treatment along with the highest standard of care possible make us one of the leading providers of dental implant treatment in St. Louis. From diagnosis and treatment planning to post-operative care we provide detailed information and support every step of the way.

Common Tooth Replacement Situations

I am about to lose a tooth and I am worried.

Losing a tooth due to trauma or a disease process such as tooth decay or gum disease can be very distressing. We will help you get through it step by step.

Although using a dental implant to replace a tooth about to be lost is now a routine procedure, we begin with a thorough assessment and diagnosis of the condition of the gum and the bone around the tooth to recommend the best treatment. If the tooth really cannot be saved, we do our best to replace it with a dental implant immediately on the day it is removed.

We truly appreciate that this is a difficult time for you, but dental implants can now mimic natural teeth very successfully.

Please call us to see how we can help make this transition a positive experience.

I have lost one or more teeth in the past and would like them replaced.

Patients missing multiple teeth often lose significant amounts of bone and gum volume. You may also often have a disrupted bite where other teeth have moved around. We collect extensive information for detailed planning and expert advice to ensure the final results of your treatment are as expected and stable for the long-term.

If you need to be able to look good, eat well and not worry about loose dentures or the inability to chew in company, we have the expertise to guide you through all of the necessary steps to a predictable result that will serve you for many years.

Please call us to see how we can help. Not all implant dentistry is the same and our attention to detail is known amongst our peers.

I would like to replace my mobile dentures with fixed teeth.

If you have dentures that move around and are uncomfortable to eat with, we have a whole range of solutions to provide you with fixed teeth and the confidence to smile and eat without embarrassment or self-consciousness. Even if you have worn dentures for many years, we have techniques that can rehabilitate your appearance and function and restore dignity and pride to your dental appearance

Say goodbye to denture fixative forever and don’t think twice about biting into an apple again.

Dentures & Dental Implants

We provide a wide range of solutions including fixed teeth on implants and removable teeth on implants with a variety of materials from which to choose.  Each patient has the option to choose materials at the beginning of treatment as the choice has an influence on the numbers and positions of actual dental implants required.

Implant retained dentures (removable teeth on implants) may be recommended when:

  1. Insufficient bone is available to place multiple implants without resorting to extensive bone augmentation.
  2. A large amount of bone has been lost so a denture is required to restore the lost bone/gum structures.
  3. A patient has a clenching/grinding habit and a history of breaking fixed teeth.  Removable overdentures can dissipate these destructive forces.  It is also more cost efficient to replace in the event of breakage and wear.
  4. A spare overdenture can be easily provided for a reasonable cost.
  5. The patient is used to having dentures or prefers removable teeth as they may not have the manual dexterity to clean around fixed bridgework.

How much do dental implants cost?

Contrary to popular belief, fees for dental implant treatment are generally unrelated to the costs of the actual implant. Fees for implant treatment are influenced much more by the complexity of your case. This includes the integrity and volume of the bone and soft tissues in the implant site. It may also include a compromise in your bite stability.

Cases involving simple implant placement in good bone or to replace a tooth about to be lost are generally less costly than when volumes of bone and soft tissue must be rebuilt. Costs of dental scans, biomaterials, time spent in treatment and provisional restorations to protect the site during healing and shape the site after healing should also be taken into account.

We do not sell dental implants and so do not have a set fee***. An accurate estimate for your case is given after suitable consultation and treatment planning.

Fee Setting And Payment Choices

How much does quality dental care cost?

We do not have a set “fee per item” fee structure but rather a time and costs-based fee calculation method which may be different to most other practices. What we charge depends not only on what we plan to do, but often more significantly on how we plan to do it and the steps required to get to a given result.

Patients often ask us how much we charge for a dental implant.

We do not sell implants! We provide advice and necessary treatment to solve problems that you may have. This may require a dental implant, but it may also require many other things. Accordingly, we consider all of the clinical care and steps that you may require to get you from your current condition to the end of treatment. Once we have met you, reviewed your case, discussed your requirements, studied your case in detail and planned exactly what we are going to do step-by-step, then we will customize a written estimate for you, at that time under those particular circumstances. There are therefore simply too many variables and possible treatment options available to provide a meaningful list of fees.

We provide individual customized estimates after gathering sufficient information from your consultation appointment(s).

Please be assured that we always endeavor to be as cost-effective as possible. The scope of work we carry out, especially where extensive, full-mouth dentistry is being carried out, is often tremendously time-consuming and labor-intensive and our fees must necessarily reflect this. However, we always believe that the long-term value of quality advice and care easily makes up for the initial investment.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”

Benjamin Franklin

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