Patient Consultation Process

When you arrive in our office as a new patient, it is our professional duty to inform you of the current state of your teeth, gums, jaws, soft tissue of your mouth and anything else that may be of medical or dental importance that becomes apparent to us during your examination.

Usually this is straightforward, but many people have complex dental problems with long histories.  It can take a longer time to collect all of the information we need to be able to provide you with advice for your future treatment.  This may also require additional visits and other diagnostic procedures such as digital impressions of your mouth, radiographs, or CT scans.

Primary Consultation

New patients are generally made a Primary Consultation for one hour.  For many patients it is possible for us to collect sufficient data during this one hour to be able to give you tentative plan of what requires attention immediately and what may give you problems in the future if not addressed within a given timeframe.

Complex Treatment Assessment

However, for many where complex work is required or where further information is necessary, a second, longer consultation is usually appropriate.  This is now a Complex Treatment Assessment and will normally take an additional 1-3 hours to record more detailed data.

Our reports are not simply checking off boxes and estimates, but a detailed personalized strategy for your future dental dare tailored to your particular circumstances as thoroughly as possible.

Golden Rule Dentistry

We do not overprescribe treatment, but only recommend what we would have done on ourselves or advise for a member of our family or friends.  Any treatment required will be carried out to the highest possible standard.  We provide an environment that is calm and unhurried.  Your comfort and well-being is of paramount importance throughout your entire treatment.

Fees and Payments

How much does quality dental care cost? We do not have a set “fee per item” fee structure but rather a time and costs-based fee calculation method which may be different to most other practices. What we charge depends not only on what we plan to do, but often more significantly on how we plan to do it and the steps required to get to a given result.

As an example: Patients often ask us how much we charge for a dental implant. We do not sell implants! We provide advice and necessary treatment to solve problems that you may have. This may of course require a dental implant, but it may also require many other things. Accordingly, we consider all of the clinical care and steps that you may require to get you from your current condition to the end of treatment. Once we have met you, seen your case, discussed your requirements, studied your case in detail and planned exactly what we are going to do step-by-step, then we will customize a written estimate for you, at that time under those particular circumstances. There are therefore simply too many variables and possible treatment items available to provide a meaningful list of fees.

We provide individual customized estimates after gathering sufficient information from your consultation appointment(s).

Please be assured that we always endeavor to be as cost-effective as possible. The scope of work that we carry out, especially where extensive, full-mouth dentistry is being carried out, is often tremendously time-consuming and labor-intensive and our fees must necessarily reflect this. However, we always believe that the long-term value of quality advice and care easily makes up for the initial investment.

“The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten” – Benjamin Franklin

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